Find out about ♃ Drops Of Jupiter, our beautiful values, and who runs it.

About The Name

We – Oli and Kitty – decided to attend the Smethwick Spiritual Fayre on the 8th of July 2023 to support Oli’s mom Tina and her Angel card readings at the event. However, after I had a strong hunch along with the words “Drops Of Jupiter” in my head, we decided to go and actively participate ourselves.

Being in the know about Astrology and having been born a Sagittarius, I wanted to implement Jupiter’s planetary symbol into the name, which lead to ♃ Drops Of Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of success, luck, growth, and wealth, so aside from being a hieroglyph for the eagle – Jove’s bird – these traits add up to 4, which strongly resembles the look of as well. Everything literally added up.

About The Business

Having only an idea and roughly 2 weeks until the Fayre, Oli and I started stomping a business out of thin air. There wasn’t much time left, but we were in need of at least an Instagram page, a website, some stock, and a shop setup.

Working until early in the morning (and with a lot of prayers or Freyja and Loki), we eventually got everything together.

About Our Values

Our goal is to provide you with goods of great quality and unique customization at a fair price.

While we do have rent and bills to pay just like everyone else, we do not believe in extorting you, our customer, with sky-high prices. We believe that the monetary value you provide us with should be equal to our items’ values.

In that same spirit, if you ever wish to inquire about specific items that are not in our assortment, please do reach out. The same goes for the customization of any goods as well. We’d like to have an open ear!

About The People

If you are curious as to what we individually do and would like to learn more about us, find some details below.


Founder, Graphic Design, Webdesign, Website Content • Astrology & Dream Analyses

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - About Kitty

I am the founder of ♃ Drops Of Jupiter and responsible for most of our intricate website- and graphic work.

I have been working with spirituality for over 25 years and have always been very intrigued with analytical tools such as Astrology, Dream Interpretation, Tarot, etc.

I enjoy hearing about deities, customs, and other parts of various cultures. I am captivated most by Roman mythology due to my heritage, but also the fact that our planets are named after Roman gods. It makes it feel charmingly real and relatable to me.

If you are interested in Dream Analyses, they are already available in the shop. I have also been working on a few Astrology-related offers I would like to add. I hope you look forward to them.


Graphic- & Webdesign Trainee, Website Content • Runes & Norse Practices

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - About Oli

Oli grew up in a spiritual household, but only started actively practicing after the business’ launch. Do not let that make you underestimate him, though, as he is a quick study.

He displays a comfortably calm demeanor and puts a lot of work into each one of his tasks. He has a natural gift for Runes and offers eerily accurate readings. One of the highlights was when a non-believer suddenly went quiet after a session and became surprisingly pensive. 

Oli is heavily drawn to Norse mythology and culture. He likes reading books and listening to podcasts on the subject. He’s been working on a special practice involving Runes and we hope you’ll be looking forward to it.