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☾ Exclusive Weekly Runes Forecast 21st June To 27th June 2023 ☽

Welcome to the Rune Forecast 21st June To 27th June 2023

This is my first Weekly Runes Forecast!

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Wednesday / Odin’s Day

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Naudiz - Forecast 21st June To 27th June 2023 ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Tiwaz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Fehu

Naudiz – Today will be unpredictable, there may be some chaos and elements of destruction.

Tiwaz – Today is the day of hard work, sacrificing some things you may want to do in order to do the things you need to accomplish.

Fehu – There will be a positive result by the end of the day, you will feel personal or spiritual growth today.

Thursday / Thor’s Day

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Blank Rune ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Laguz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Berkano

Blank Rune – Today is full of mystery, the answers you are looking for may not be found. It’s a good day to remember that not knowing everything can be liberating.

Laguz – There is an element of uncertainty today, and you may experience some strong emotions. Be wary today as there is no predicting what may happen.

Berkano – By the end of the day, you may feel cared for or healed. While the rest of the day cannot be predicted, there is a positive ending.

Friday / Freyja’s Day (Or Frigg’s Day)

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Algiz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Hagalaz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Othala

Algiz – Friday brings elements of protection, maybe someone offers help today. Which could be prudent to accept considering other runes I have drawn.

Hagalaz – This represents chaos and unpredictability, with possible elements of violence. With Algiz in the mix, it’s uncertain how these two runes will interact.

Othala – Ending the day with Othala, or the house and Family rune. While the rest of the day may seem conflicting, the day will end on a positive note. Maybe with a chance to spend time with family or have meaningful rest at home.

Saturday / Loki’s Day

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Raido ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Fehu ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Uruz

Raido – This rune is telling us that a project or relationship we are working on will show rapid progression, which signifies to me a positive note to start the day.

Fehu – Continuing the positivity, Fehu represents wealth and value. Linked with Raido, this confirms for me that any project we are working on today will end in profit, whether it be spiritual or monetary. Either way, this could turn out to be a happy day.

Uruz – This rune denotes hard work, but unfortunately, no guarantee of success. But linking Uruz with Fehu and Raido, I think the odds are in favour of succeeding today. Overall ending Saturday on a positive note.

Sunday / Sol’s Day

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Ehwaz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Fehu ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Raido

Ehwaz – Starting on a positive note, Ehwaz shows us that working with a partner who understands us will help us progress today. Problems may arise if we cannot find a trusted friend or partner to work with.

Fehu – In line with Ehwaz, Fehu tells us that if we do work on our projects or relationships today, then fortune will be in our favour. But, if you have to spend money today, be wary of overspending.

Raido – All three Runes today are signifying progress. Raido is the rune of progress, and in conjunction with Fehu and Ehwaz, if you are working on a project today there’s a strong chance of rapid progression.

Monday / Mani’s Day

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Naudiz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Gebo ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Othala

Naudiz – Almost contradicting Sunday, today might start off badly, as Naudiz shows potential for sadness and not succeeding. Take it easy to start the day. Remember that it’s important we ride this out, as our next two Runes for today seem a lot better!

Gebo – The gift Rune, contradicting Naudiz, Gebo is telling us that both our business partnerships and personal relationships are going to strengthen. It might turn into a mutual understanding or benefit for both parties.

Othala – Finally, Othala. A strong Rune to end the day, Othala is telling us that you might be able to spend time with loved ones and family. After a chaotic day, it seems like you may have a nice evening.

Tuesday / Tyr’s Day

♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Berkano ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Hagalaz ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Runes: Mannaz

Berkano – Seemingly spurred on by the good vibes of Monday night, Tuesday looks like it will start off well, with Berkano giving us the potential to receive love and warmth, or in a professional sense, help from a trusted colleague.

Hagalaz – Unfortunately, Hagalaz makes the day slightly unpredictable. You may find yourself facing an urgent problem at work, or maybe arguing with your loved ones, but this will pass, as our next Rune is all about community.

Mannaz – This Rune showing up now may save your Tuesday. Now is the time to work on group projects, whether they be at work, or just working on relationships that mean a lot to you personally. Maybe you’re still facing the crisis that appeared earlier today, but with Mannaz on our side now, this problem will soon pass, as long as we can work with a strong community.


That was my Weekly Forecast for 21st June To 27th June 2023. Hopefully, it gave you some insight as to what Runes can do for you, and maybe they helped in places where you might have been looking for advice.

I will be reading some more runes for the week of 28th June To 4th July, so stay tuned. Hope you have a wonderful week! – Oli

Deck used: Chubby Bun Rune Tarot

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