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☾ Exclusive Weekly Runes Forecast From 2nd August To 8th August 2023 ☽

Welcome to the Rune Forecast From 2nd August To 8th August 2023

I hope your last week went well!

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Due to time constraints, I have changed the format this week to include just three runes. The reading will be a little broader for the week, but I hope it will still be quite illuminating.

Let’s see what the Runes are telling us this week!


 Fehu - Forecast From 2nd August To 8th August 2023

Keywords: Fortune, Prosperity, Material Wealth, Luck

This week will bring fortune, whether you are working toward a goal or trying to strengthen a relationship, Fehu is going to help us through our problems.

As with all runes, there are warnings to keep in mind. So with Fehu, we should remember not to be too confident, at the risk of losing self-esteem if what we are attempting to do should fail.


Raido - Forecast From 2nd August To 8th August 2023

Keywords: Movement, Rapid Progression, Journey

Another positive rune, Raido is telling us that we will experience progress in some way. Whether we are focusing on work, our relationships, or even our health, it may start slow, but anything we do this week will quickly start to progress.

Linking this back to Fehu, this means to me that we will be experiencing positive progress, but we should remain wary of potential problems, as the faster we move towards our goal, the greater likelihood of problems occurring.


Ingwaz - Forecast From 2nd August To 8th August 2023 

Keywords: Fertility, Spiritual Growth, Prosperity

Ing is the Goddess of fertility, and in keeping with the theme of this week’s runes, there’s a great sense of potential progress here.

Fertility in the Norse culture also has a meaning of wealth and prosperity, so pulling this rune in addition to Fehu and Raido is confirming to me that anything we decide to undertake this week has a greater chance of success.

Thank you for reading our Runes Forecast From 2nd August To 8th August 2023.
Enjoy your week and I hope to see you again next time
– Oli

Deck Used: Chubby Bun Rune Tarot

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