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☾ Exclusive Weekly Runes Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023 ☽

Welcome friends, to the Weekly Runes Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023!

I hope your last week went well!

This weeks’ Rune Forecast will be a little different as we are preparing for the Smethwick Spiritual Church Fayre on Saturday 8th July 2023. We are very excited, but unfortunately means a shortened Forecast this week.

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Let’s start with the Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023!

Wednesday (Odin’s Day)

Kenaz - Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023 


Wednesday is a day for creativity. New ideas may start to form in your mind and now is the time to act upon them.

Take today to develop these ideas, or form a new relationship. But remember that while working hard on this development can be good, you also can’t shut yourself off from the outside world in doing so.

Thursday (Thor’s Day)

Perthro - Forecast


The Universe is taking the reins today, Perthro is signifying randomness, but also is known for being part of the Fates (or Nornir).

Trust in the Universe’s ability to guide you today.

Friday (Frigg’s Day)

Sowilo - Forecast


There may be new opportunities presenting themselves to you today. Sowilo shows me that there could be a new beginning and even hope. It’s also telling me that you may have success in projects or relationships you’re working on today.

It is important to mind however, that you don’t give in to your ego, or become too confident today. Doing so may ruin your chance for success.

Saturday (Loki’s Day)

Raido - Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023 


Saturday seems to be a good day for progress. It may start off slowly, but once you get started you should begin to pick up speed!

Just keep in mind that you should plan ahead, if you go too fast unexpected problems may arise.

Sunday (Sol’s Day)

Naudiz - Forecast 


Be cautious today, Naudiz is telling me that we may feel like the metaphorical ship we’re on is sinking. Today may be a day where things don’t seem to go our way.

Unfortunately not all days can be good, but with Naudiz, you should remember to hold onto hope, plan ahead for anything that might happen.

Whatever happens this Sunday, will pass.

Monday (Mani’s Day)

Wunjo - Forecast 


Focus on keeping balance today, if you are working, then make sure to take breaks. Don’t work too hard today.

Inversely, taking too much time for yourself today could also prove to be a problem. Don’t tip the scales too far in one direction.

Tuesday (Tyr’s Day)

Perthro - Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023 


Another day this week to let the Universe take charge. There may be some random twists and turns, but if you trust that the Universe will guide you, you may land in the right place.

That’s all for this week, hopefully there will be time next week for a full three card reading.

Thank you for reading our Runes Forecast From 5th July To 11th July 2023.
Enjoy your week and I hope to see you again next time
– Oli

Deck Used: Chubby Bun Rune Tarot

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