Tarot Reading - A Custom *12 Month Outlook* With °Kitty°

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Format: PDF via E-Mail
Area Of Life: General / Overall
Cards Used: 12
Explanations: Semi-Detailed To Detailed
Turn-Around: 4 Work Days

This reading will help reveal the overall theme for each month over the course of a whole year. What to focus on, which lessons need to be learned, or the type of - hopefully pleasant - upcoming surprises.

You will receive a description for the next 12 months, one by one, in a single spread. The overarching theme will be general, meaning various life areas may be touched upon, depending on what the Universe wants you to know.

There is a small variety of different Tarot decks you can choose from:
~ Astrology Cards - They give multiple, small bits of advice on a situation and thus very good for general questions.
~ Demon Cards - A great choice if you want the "hard truth", as they are very upfront, direct, and honest.
~ Rider-Waite Style Cards - These are categorized into 4 groups, so meanings can be similar but with tiny nuances. Recommended if you want to figure out your lessons or how to approach a topic over longer time.

Current additional special decks to pick from:
~ Angel Cards - Short and sweet, but with specific wording and answers. Quite useful when you are unsure what to ask about.
~ Karma Cards - Best if you are very in tune with yourself, as the answers are more 'cryptic'. You might need to think about these for a while.

Please allow up to 4 Working Days for the analysis to reach you, as it will include the interpretations and a picture of your spread.

By law, we are obligated to disclose that:
- you must be aged 18+ for a purchase
- all readings are for entertainment purposes only
- we are not qualified professionals in law, medicine, psychology, etc. and we can only offer you advice; all decisions are made on your own
- our service is not a substitute for any financial, legal, medical, psychiatric, or otherwise professional advice
- no guarantees for results can be offered and all sales are final

Thank you for understanding.

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