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☾ Detailed Odin’s Wisdom Reading 02/07/2023 ☽

Welcome to this sample of a Detailed Odin’s Wisdom Reading!

Odin’s Wisdom is a six Rune reading and offers a level of detail you can’t get in traditional three or five cards. I hope you appreciate the way I lay these runes, and I’ll try to explain what I do every step of the way. If this interests you please head over to our store and check out other Rune Readings I can do for you

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I am quite excited to get into this, as this Career Reading was done for a good friend, and if they take this advice to heart, I believe a positive and Odin-blessed career is in their future!

Current Situation

For a six-rune reading, I start with a “Current situation” rune, and for this, I pulled Isa.


Detailed Odin's Wisdom - Isa Drawing Isa tells me that maybe despite their best efforts their career has slowed down, or come to a complete halt altogether. This describes to me a situation that they aren’t happy with or a work environment that isn’t fulfilling to them as a person. This might even be a career path that has hit a dead end.

Everything about this rune is telling me that they are looking for guidance to find a new career path, or maybe somewhere that is more mentally and spiritually fulfilling.

The next two runes I draw are to describe actions that you shouldn’t be doing right now

What You Shouldn’t Do


Detailed Odin's Wisdom - Naudiz Drawing Naudiz tells me that there may be a lot of problems at work, and not all of them were either not caused by you, or you’re unable to completely control the outcome.

In terms of what we shouldn’t do in this situation, I think you should try not to focus on these problems. Because, in doing so, you’re taking your energy and directing it to the wrong place. Instead try to focus on problems you can control, and not waste energy on things that don’t help you to propel your career forward right now.


Detailed Odin's Wisdom - Eihwaz Pulling Eihwaz shows me that the people you work with (while they may say they do) don’t in fact see your value as a colleague. While you should remain polite and civil in order to continue your work, it’s time to stop thinking about how they perceive you. If they are part of the problems that Naudiz is calling my attention to, I would say it’s time to re-evaluate your work relationships and focus on skills or methods of leaving this career to find a new one.

In short, this rune is all about communication, and having it on the side of What We Shouldn’t Do, to me, means that there is poor communication, or lack a sincere lack of positive communication in your workplace.

Whether it’s colleagues or managers, positive communication is part of the building blocks of any workplace and should be valued as much as all other facets of work life. If you don’t have effective and constructive communication, it may be time to start looking for new workplaces.

Next, I draw two more runes and place them on the left side of the circle. These are runes that describe what we Should Be Doing.

What You Should Do


Detailed Odin's Wisdom - Uruz Drawing Uruz first tells me that if you know what you want, you have the opportunity to get it, but only if you are willing to put in the work. This could be compared to the Law of Attraction, where you can visualise a future for yourself.

Uruz is all about hard work, and even though the outcome isn’t guaranteed, you may find yourself in a better position to succeed, and if not, maybe others around you will start to see your value as a colleague.


Detailed Odin's Wisdom - Thurisaz Seeing Thurisaz almost confirms the Naudiz reading, in that there are many problems at work. But it is important to remember to keep a clear head. Try not to lose your temper or let your judgment be clouded, as this may hurt future prospects. And even though the people around you may not appreciate your work, it may be best not to alienate them before you leave.

Both of these runes together (Uruz and Thurisaz) are giving me the feeling that you need to keep your head down, and work hard towards your goal of a new career.

Finally, I draw a single rune as a conclusion.



Detailed Odin's Wisdom - Ansuz For my conclusion, I drew Ansuz, Odin’s Rune, which to me means your hard work will pay off, as long as you remain dedicated to your desired outcome.

Drawing Ansuz tells me that you may receive a new opportunity, as long as you are willing to see it.

It is important to remember that with this Rune, Odin himself is trying to tell you that the answers you’re looking for do exist. They are out in the universe but need your assistance in manifesting themselves in your life.

If you are willing to open your mind to the universe and work with Odin to find an agreeable outcome, I think your new career will be an exciting one, and well deserved.

I would like to add, for those of you who have read this far, that if this rings true about your own workplace, the advice given here isn’t just valid for the one person I gave the reading to. Please use this advice for your own career, and I hope you find a workplace that you enjoy, with colleagues that value you.

Finally, I hope those of you who read this enjoyed my reading, as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. If you feel like you have questions that the Runes could answer, please head over to our store to check out Odin’s Wisdom for yourself. We have plenty of choices for all your Reading needs.


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