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☾ Happy Litha 2023 And Welcome To Our Site! ☽

Welcome to our brand-new website, dear traveler!

After starting ♃ Drops Of Jupiter up on Instagram we now finally have our own site to go along with it! On this occasion, I would now like to share our plans with you.

Product Spotlights & -Ratings

Instead of just notifying you when our shop has new items, we instead want to offer you informative spotlights of various, marvelous wares we have added to our assortment and think you should know about!

The aim is to review everything before it enters our store to ensure you receive hand-selected, high-quality goods. With that, you can make a knowledgeable decision of not only what to purchase, but you will also have an idea of whether or not the item is for you.


If there are any fairs we are visiting where you can meet us to acquire our unique products or request an exclusive reading, you will find out all the details right here! Perhaps you will even discover a handful of magical get-togethers you did not know about before.

Knowledge & Divination ♃ Drops Of Jupiter - Welcome

Last but not least: The main purpose of our site is to spread useful and fantastic knowledge straight to the comfort of your own screen. We’d like to achieve this by offering you a small variety of free, wondrous long-term readings (Runes and Astrology).

These forms of divination are obviously less personalized, as we will not be using your specific data, but we are sure they are going to be a joyful, practical aid in your daily life.

Additionally, our wish is to write unique, focused articles about spiritual topics such as meanings (colors, herbs, gemstones, etc.), Runes, Astrology, and more. The end goal is to amass a collection of fascinating knowledge you can use in your personal work to learn, improve, and grow.


We hope that you’ll enjoy our vision! Our content will be posted to Instagram in a more simplified “overview” format so that you may know when there are new things to explore on ♃ Drops Of Jupiter. I hope we can welcome you back soon!

All the best,



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